About Us

About Us

Reliable Documentation, Inc. (RDI) brings an unmatched level of experience and knowledge in the marine industry as well as an incredible level of understanding for customer service.

At the helm is Kathi (Krencik) Ford who is also the current president of the America Vessel Documentation Association (AVDA) with a total of 10+ years on their board of directors.

Kathi is joined by Andrea Wood; together Andrea and Kathi have over 35 years of  experience in vessel documentation and registration.  With their confidence and knowledge they are focused on client satisfaction, ensuring that each transaction sails smoothly.

They understand that brokers, as well as both buyers and sellers should not have to worry about the documentation or registration paperwork on their vessels. Leave the task of that tedious paperwork to the professionals! Reliable Documentation, Inc. 

We always provide a 10% discount to all military and first responders.